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Practice Areas

In my law practice, I handle wills, trusts, estate planning, probate and all other things related to these practice areas including litigation and contested matters. 

I can set up your estate plan, which for most people include a will, trust, power of attorney and advance health care directive. I will also help you identify assets that should be vested in a trust and help with California transfers of real estate to your trust. This is called a trust transfer deed.

I also handle the activation of existing trusts when people pass away and the trust needs to be administered. There are laws that do exist for how to handle trust administration involving notification, property title clearing and other work. I can explain in the first meeting what needs to be done for your particular trust that you may be administering and how I can be hired to help.

Lastly, I can help with your probate matters as well. Probate is needed in the local counties including Los Angeles and Orange when people pass away with no trust and they own real estate or have significant other property that cannot pass without a probate administration. My legal breadth of experience  and client service is really making sure you understand what is legally needed and how it works. The first meeting with me is in my office to review what’s going on and to discuss how an attorney can help and how attorney fees would be structured for your particular matter.