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Trust Litigation

Trust litigation is a unique practice area. It can involve almost anything from a trust administration not being properly completed to a trust not being properly funded. Litigation is one of those things that clients know that they need help, but not sure how or what can be done. Typically, trust litigation begins with a thought that “I cannot believe they just did that!”

When you decide to retain an attorney for a trust litigation matter, you want someone who has both transactional and litigation experience. In other words, you need an attorney who knows the nuts and bolts of trust administration without any issues and also has litigation experience in probate court. I have handled over 100 litigation matters at TLD law for all types of contested matters involving probate, trusts and estates in the Los Angeles and Orange County probate courts.

TLD Law is unique in that our attorneys and myself know how litigation works in the area of trusts and estates and can advise represent you with a big firm feel with in your backyard legal rates.

Some common litigation matters I can handle for you at TLD Law:

  1. Demands for an accounting
  2. Demands for a trust distribution
  3. Removal of trustee
  4. Breach of fiduciary duty by the trustee
  5. Determine the existence of a trust that cannot be located
  6. “Heggstad” petition or trust funding petitions
  7. Petition for Instructions [for anything not clear]
  8. Petition for trust modification [based on changed circumstances]
  9. “850” petition to get money or other assets returned to a trust or estate

If you have a trust litigation matter, contact me to see how I can help.